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How to attract The Muse?

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  • How to attract The Muse?

    It makes some people uncomfortable to talk about the Muse, but we all think and talk about it. We call it different things, perhaps – our unconscious, artist, well, inspiration, soul, etc. Some people make their Muse a word count or a timer.

    It doesn’t matter. We’re all looking for inspiration and the best ways to find our way to our magical creative place.

    Here’s what I think.

    The Muse is not free. She doesn’t come to you because you need her. In fact, the surest way for her to avoid you is to ask for her help without investing first. You must make a deposit before you make a withdrawal.

    Yesterday doesn’t matter. The Muse has a very short attention span. The devotion you showed to her yesterday is meaningless today. If you would love her, you must love her every day.

    You must be ready for her when she comes.

    These are the three fundamentals about Muse-hunting. Now, the real question is how you do these things.

    1. You write every day. The Muse rewards consistent effort. She checks every day and ignores those who ignore her.

    2. You read every day. You read because you need to exercise the way an athlete does, and because reading is a writer’s terrain. You need to be comfortable in it.

    3. You listen. By this I mean you pay attention to the people around you – how they talk, what they think, how they’re feeling. You use your imagination to enter their world.

    And it’s not only people. Listen to spaces. Look at things. See dramatically. Learn to catch the threads of stories as they come past you. Being an artist means to be awake. Most people don’t see much at all. Your value is in seeing everything and then stopping time to show people the beauty they’ve missed. By the time you’re ready to speak, you should be overflowing with ideas you’ve heard.

    Great writers are great listeners.

    4. You wait with expectation. If you don’t believe in the Muse, or Inspiration, or Magic, or Soul, or whatever you call it – then just keep hammering away. Those of who do believe in her believe that she rewards those serve, and when she enters the room we try to pretend we’ve seen her before, even if we haven’t. Keep belief, nevertheless, facing any troubles with essay writing, legal essay writing service will save you.
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