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Structuring long poem for FAST RECITATION?

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  • Structuring long poem for FAST RECITATION?

    Hello. Although I am new to this forum, I'm hopeful that those with writing experience might offer some advice.

    I'm a translator of Buddhist texts from Tibetan to English. I have written a number of versified translations in a Tibetan structure for chant with traditional Tibetan melodies.

    Now I want to begin the translation of a long work that is traditionally read/chanted without melody. Chanted at top speed, it takes about 12 minutes to complete.

    Since there is no melody, I am not bound to a Tibetan structure. Although, I don't believe recitation for speed is a thing in English, I'm looking to make it a priority for the present project. Since I have allowed music to dictate the structure of prior works, I've never structured a translation according to my own choosing.

    ​​​​​​I want an end result that will be DELIGHTFUL TO RECITE and structure(s) that will support profound meaning and many pages of quick chanting without becoming monotonous. The original uses a lot of alliteration and homonyms, which I would like to preserve.

    If you have suggestions of structures or examples of poems that have some of the above qualities (or any other useful tidbits), please share them with me. I'm excited to take on this challenge but I need a clear vision of how to go forward.

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    Such an interesting post and quite the challenge, I must say. Well I would suggest you to read poetry to the liking of this challenge. Take inspiration as much as you can. And if it's necessary, you can find research writers online that can make your job easy by providing you with the most relevant source material for the task you are assigned on.
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      That is a good idea. It my a bit hard but the result is worthwhile. altera


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        Wow. I am in awe at your being a translator for Buddhist texts! I'm positive Tibetan is not an easy language to learn. I have no advice to share for you on this topic, but you have my admiration. Cheers. driving school mandurah


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          Why and how did you end up learning Tibetan? Perhaps having a native speaker recite your poem would give you an idea of how fast they naturally speak? Good luck! Fencing Toowoomba