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Words that rhyme in plural but not singular

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  • Words that rhyme in plural but not singular

    I was struck by Emily Dickinson's poem, "I dwell in possibility", which begins:

    I dwell in Possibility –
    A fairer House than Prose
    More numerous of Windows

    And noticed that prose and windows rhyme only because "windows" is plural, but it doesn't rhyme with "window" - and then I noticed that no rhyming dictionary matches plural rhymes like this, inclucing rhymezone.

    I also just don't see this kind of thing rhymed very often - this poem only that I have noticed, although I'm sure others do it.

    Is there a way to find more of these other than just noticing them when they happen? Is there another rhyming dictionary that notices the subtle changes in sound with a plural?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I stopped using RhymeZone's "search" for rhymes, for various reasons, a long time ago. But I would encourage you to find these with your own imaginative faculties, because they are beautiful. I quit going to the rhyme search engine, though, because, for one, I began writing to mechanically trying to rhyme, it it was not "spontaneous", which is a big part of poetry for me.
    So That is the "key" ... No I don't believe there is even a search engine otherwise as sophisticated as RhymeZone's, but the more you use the faculty of trying to find and notice those rhymes, the more you will notice them and the more it will come true


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