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A Cornish Beach

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  • A Cornish Beach

    You leave the car
    at what was once
    in reality a farm,
    and where
    the National Trust democratise
    so now not cows but
    motorists feel alarm.

    Across a road are loo’s,
    ex milking parlours,
    still with "stools"

    where change slow moves,
    pools of piss, only shallower.
    Such is reality !

    An archway leads to
    a long curving lane
    edged with a sentry of reeds,
    while obstructing the view ahead,
    add to its anticipation.

    Conducting the children,
    we lead them to where
    the pathway fairs into the beach
    framed by the reeds high reach
    there footed in Arcadia.

    Some new reality ?
    Quickened pace
    through that narrow place
    into entrancement,
    a vast perspective of sea and sky
    where the claustrophobe
    of routines in small rooms
    erodes into the warm sunbed
    of yielding pearl grained quartz.

    Here we claim our own oasis
    below a trope of salt drenched
    gardenned sea slopes
    barricading us from
    the cool land breeze.

    In fact
    much of the beach
    already claimed
    by territorial lovers,
    haters, dogs and more.
    Such is realities scre !!

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    I love the motion of this piece. We're taken on a journey, a bit mournful of changes, then given brief anticipation of something wonderfully new, only to be let in on the fact that the 'newness' is no longer our pristine discovery to mold. Great imagery here. Enjoyed it.


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      That was a nice post. It seems like a poem 'A Cornish Beach'. But its a message. I love reading it. Share more articles like this. I will enjoy reading it. CBD for headaches I will be waiting for new readings form you.