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How many different rhyme sounds are there?

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  • How many different rhyme sounds are there?

    how many rhyme sounds are there in English? Is there anything like rhymezone for other languages?

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    The answer is the same to this question. What is the minimum number of words you can search for rhymes to see every word?


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      Good question. Do you know the answer?


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        I think it is 39 if you do not count the words that have no rhymes.
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          Sound brings attention to both individual words that are drawn together through their sound as well as to the overall “feeling” or experience. For example, repetition of sounds like “s,” “m,” “l,” and “f” might encourage a soft or sensuous feeling
          Types of Rhyme
          • Perfect Rhyme: The words are in complete aural correspondence. An example would be: Certain and Curtain.
          • Forced Rhyme: An unnatural rhyme that forces a rhyme where it should not otherwise be.
          • Slant Rhyme: The words are similar but lack perfect correspondence. Example: found and kind, grime and game.
          • Masculine Rhyme: Has a single stressed syllable rhyme. Example: fight and tight, stove and trove.
          • Feminine Rhyme: A stressed syllable rhyme followed by an unstressed syllable. Example: carrot and garret, sever and never.
          • Visual Rhyme: A rhyme that only looks similar, but when spoken sound different. Example: slaughter and laughter. This type of rhyme can be used more to make a visual pattern than to make a aural rhyme
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            Thanks for the highly educational words that you have
            Ledgered. Most informative.

            Very well done.


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              What kind of rhyme would Home, and Alone be?
              For example:
              He sighed as he arrive home
              A place so empty, and him alone
              Would be useful for future rhyme schemes.


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                It almost seems like there are infinite rhyme sounds in English. I run a company - tree business in Little Rock - and have been able to come up with a ton of different rhymes for its name.