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Are these good enough? (More drafts)

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  • Are these good enough? (More drafts)

    Since that one draft I posted here previously, I have more to share and I just want your feedback to say if they're good or coherent enough, even though I wasn't confident in writing on the subject they were about or that inspiration was dry when I did them. You can see them through this link here. I know that they are my own work and I should make my own decision to make the judgement for each but, please just give me confidence in these, like for "Wormhole" that I posted a while back.

    I should note that the link that I've posted is set to expire after a week so, plenty of time for a select few to see it before it disappears. Thanks to anyone that stops by to this thread

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    You're good! Keep it up ^_^


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      Heh, thanks

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    It's great!