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  • Help writing a toast

    Hi! Not sure this is best area to post this request, but here goes! I'm trying to write a toast for my daughter's vow renewal ceremony - (in 10 days!) and I'm stuck on the 1st lines. Suggestions and help would be welcome! I miss my Dad who always wrote toasts for these events. So for the 1st lines, I have:

    It started with a trip to Brazil...

    Alternate 2nd lines:

    And they knew it wasn't "run of the mill"

    or- "and their chemistry was something to distill"

    I don't like either of these very well, but can't think of much else. I have the rest of the toast pretty much the way I like it. Thanks!

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    Your lines are great! How about adding something related to them being not only a couple but also the best of friends?


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      Great topic

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