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Does a spelling mistake ruin an entire poem?

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  • Does a spelling mistake ruin an entire poem?

    Hello there I'm John,

    Perhaps this type of question is uncommon but I would like to inform that I made a spelling mistake in a poem through overconfidence in my spelling capabilities. I didn't do a spelling check and I never did one before. This poem was an assignment. But it seems that in the entire poem there is only one spelling mistake and it's that I wrote fullfillment and not fulfillment because I wrote as I thought it was spoken. One "l" too much. Im wondering with much unease, is my poem now not to be taken seriously anymore?

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    If it's just one spelling mistake, then it shouldn't put a major impact to your work, especially if it's for a word that is commonly misspelled (and even I get that word wrong, so it's natural). If it was littered with mistakes plus fragmented grammer then that's a different story. Don't ever put yourself down just because of one little mistake, seriously. Even I learned this myself.


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