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Does a spelling mistake ruin an entire poem?

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  • Does a spelling mistake ruin an entire poem?

    Hello there I'm John,

    Perhaps this type of question is uncommon but I would like to inform that I made a spelling mistake in a poem through overconfidence in my spelling capabilities. I didn't do a spelling check and I never did one before. This poem was an assignment. But it seems that in the entire poem there is only one spelling mistake and it's that I wrote fullfillment and not fulfillment because I wrote as I thought it was spoken. One "l" too much. Im wondering with much unease, is my poem now not to be taken seriously anymore?

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    If it's just one spelling mistake, then it shouldn't put a major impact to your work, especially if it's for a word that is commonly misspelled (and even I get that word wrong, so it's natural). If it was littered with mistakes plus fragmented grammer then that's a different story. Don't ever put yourself down just because of one little mistake, seriously. Even I learned this myself.


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          I think it ruins the poem throughout. A spelling mistake can cause the effect of the poem. background removal service india It doesn't promote the exact ideas of the poem. We did not get fulfillment after reading the poem. Good to see the blog.


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            Don't worry about it. A single mistake isn't gonna ruin the whole thing. Most people won't even notice it. Just keep writing more and more. That's the most important part.



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              Spelling and grammar correction is very important today. The poems generally open the mind of the author. The author tries to express his feelings and reaction through the content in the poem should be correct otherwise it makes a negative impact on the readers. So such poems are avoided from the market. Alleppey boat house packages are the first poem I wrote. At that time I also faced a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. But finally, I corrected all through my don't worry, work hard then achieve your goal.