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NEED HELP! Can you please help me finish this poem?

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  • NEED HELP! Can you please help me finish this poem?

    It is for my daughter's letter to her godparents.

    Take my little hand,
    Hold it as I grow,
    Teach me of God's love,
    And all that love bestows.

    Keep me in your prayers,
    And your tender care,
    Guide me in my faith,
    Encourage me to share.

    Now i have a question
    Which i hope you will say yes
    Tita Reason, will you please be my godparent?
    and influence me to be the best?

    Can you suggest a sentence to change the last line????

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    What about you change the last sentense to;

    "and positively impact my life"

    Enzo from Bel Air Tow Truck


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        Maybe try "And love me nonetheless"
        Or "Save me from trouble and mess"
        Or "Lead me to my best"

        There're more options, but these seem like the most appropriate to me.
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