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  • Needing some assistance

    Not like me to make this kind of thread but regarding me writing stuff, I've suddenly hit a brick wall... more so about certain things I want to write about but cannot think of anything to do with them at all, from content to what it would be about.

    Firstly, there is a piece that will be titled "I Suffer" and though I don't know what that will be about, I know that it will contain the lines "I will suffer for you / But I won't die for you" and trying to come up with something based around that has been hurting my brain. Then there's an untitled piece containing the line "May your world descend to darkness". I don't know what that can be about either... might be relating to the blindness epidemic happening in Africa. For the title, "Cataract", "Blind" or even "Myopia" were in mind but I don't know what's suitable, and effective.

    Another two to add... those having the titles "Consideration" and "Our Fate Is Sealed" where I could not think of anything for them at all. The first does however to contain a line that is "Take this as a consideration" which is intended to be the last for a verse/refrain. For the second, it's based around the idiom of "one's fate is sealed" but I don't quite understand that well, or know what should that be about. Maybe a tragedy/accident that two friends have caused, and they have to accept it? I don't know.

    For anyone that is willing to give me a helping hand and possible give me a head-start on these, that would be more than grateful. Thanks in advance.

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    This has happened to me on occasion Bry89. I have what I think is a wonderful idea or phrase and then...nothing. Usually what I do is write these things down at the top of a piece of paper...and wait. I watch and wait. I also write down rhyming words (because that's firmly in my wheelhouse) and other rhyming words sometimes inspire me to new thoughts. Or, I write down opposite thoughts/phrases, because those too can bring new inspiration. Once in awhile, I'll have to abandon a phrase because nothing comes. But start a document with those too - and one day, after different life experiences or stories you hear, you can come back to them too. Good luck. Don't lose heart. Something will come - or something new will take its place.


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      Where else would one go for help. Perfect place for this post. Never fear we love to pontificate as to our struggles and solutions .
      I have innumerable receipts, napkins and digital recordings, snippets of thoughts and titles that at the moment conceived seemed universally brilliant. I keep them all. Who knows maybe one day... What I have found is that so often i have a thought that i want to develop and I begin only to discover in the end that the poem went in a completely different direction.The poem lead me. I have also started with the last verse and built backwards. I find that as i work verses will come to me that i know belong but i have not yet discovered where. Some i have left out all together and saved them for another time.The point is that your words and your thought are there for a reason. You may not know the reason just now. It is frustrating, I know. Allow them to percolate,

      I cannot give you the directions in which you could go. This is your journey, The destination is yours alone. Enjoy the trip. You will be successful..


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        Thank you both for your kind words but, I did manage to do one of them though it may not be perfect. Now, need to have the proper brain power for the next three... unless I am given a helping hand if for some reason the mental gears stop working.


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          Thanks, yur answers helped me decide my problem
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