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  • Things read as poems/lyrics

    Whenever I post any of my entries here, some people seem to see it as a "poem" or as "lyrics". I wonder... how can any entries be read as either one of these? Might be for anything considered lyrical, it would have one verse repeated through or have it italicised like what I do, or maybe to do with the choice of words also. It might be easy for some to answer but I'm just curious. Then again, some of the stuff I posted since I joined might not be lyrical in some way even though I did intend to make it that way but, everyone sees things differently.

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    Poem and song both are described as a composition of words with similar nature. The major difference between them is that a song is set to music while a poem is not set to music. Poem is a composition that is written or spoken for communicating beautiful, imaginative or elevated thoughts whereas song is written or adapted for the purpose of singing.

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      Poem also melody both need aid portrayed Likewise An piece for expressions for comparable way. The significant distinction between them may be that An melody is set to music same time a lyric will be not set to music. Sonnet will be An arrangement that is composed alternately spoken for conveying beautiful, innovative alternately raised musings inasmuch as tune is composed or adjusted for the reason for singing.


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        Weird some people think of Hip-Hop as poetry. I've even heard some people describe a famous artist, Kendrick Lamar, as a poet. So it could be interchangeable for certain people but I wouldn't say many situations.


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