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  • Need an advise

    Hello, colleagues. I need your professional advice. Do you think one should learn other poets’ poems by heart or read them as many as possible to write one’s own poems? I will appreciate if you share with me some tips to improve one’s poetry skills.

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    It's not a must, but it can help. I think people usually learn from others for them to start, just like how I began writing mine. However, while being inspired by someone is good and you can be upfront on saying it, deliberate plagiarism is a no-no. The only tip I can give to you if you are thinking about making a head-start is write things from personal experiences and make it coherent as you can. I wish you good luck when you get around starting it... it's a good way to express your thoughts


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      I don't think it necessary to learn other poets work by heart but reading out loud helps give a feel for the flow.and helps with insight to thier intent. Reading other work gives you insight to what is possible but I agree with Bry it is important to use youself in the poems and be true to yourself.


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        Allow me to first offer a disclaimer. I am not a poet. I am someone who writes poetry. There is a difference.
        Poets are born to poetry. Poets write because they have to.
        If you seek to be a poet, you are not.
        However, should you desire to write poetry then...
        read, read, read
        Listen, listen, listen
        Write, write, write

        You may write great poetry but..
        Are you a poet?


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          Beautifully said, rhymetime.

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        It could help, but don't forget to create your own style, like I did when I have to visit clinic for hrt.
        So i can recommend you to read as much as possible, but don't forget about your soul


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          I think it's not always necessary to learn all poets work by heart