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  • punctuation question

    Hello everyone!

    I just want to ask people out here.... how does punctuation affect poetry? I have a poem which I will post soon that has three words in it, but I don't know if another sentence is allowed to be on the same line if you put a full stop already there... I probably have to edit the poem anyway so I will post the poem when I am ready.

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    One of the primary characteristics of poetry is Rhythm. Personally, I think that the best poem's can completely disregard rhymes if it has good rhythm while simply rhyming without rhythm invariably is not optimal (both is even better, usually). Having said that, punctuation is extremely useful to communicate how the writer wishes the poem to be heard--the rhythm. It can be hard for me to thoroughly enjoy a poem, at least on the first read, if it lacks punctuation... but punctuation is a tool. Occasionally a lack of punctuation might make the poem what it is while an over-abundance might bog the poem down. A lot of it comes down to experimentation. For instance, Grant Hayes' Cast in the long night's dotage without punctuation would sound much different than with it--there are plenty of examples here to explore what you think works.

    As you like to experiment with acrostic poetry (far beyond what I could do--believe me, I tried a four-word box acrostic in the shape of a windowsill and failed miserably) I think that one of the things you will likely have the most difficulty with is forcing the poem to work because you need certain letters at the beginning and the end of each line. I have seen some poems with periods, question marks, colons, exclamation marks, etc in the middle of a line and it can work extremely well. On the other hand, I think it more often makes the poem sound forced as well--which would make it even harder to make your poem sound natural (assuming you wish it to). When the poem sounds right to you, try to use punctuation to let your reader achieve a similar readability (that's how I often use punctuation at least). But again, writing [poetry] is experimental and sometimes a poem will turn out well and sometimes mediocre, sometimes a technique will detract from a poem and sometimes make that poem shine. So beyond that, the most I can say is...

    Best of luck.


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      Thank you Merkavah, a very helpful post indeed. I always recite my poem to a banging of a drum when I think I have finished. It seems to make me aware of the rhythm of the poem doing that way. basically I need to be careful not to overdo a technique the same with rhyming and that way I will have more effect on the reader. well...better get cracking!


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        I wish u good luck!
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            Hello! Very interesting topic, thank you raised it
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              long sought this information, thank you guys for the post!