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  • Two Prologues?


    I am attempting to write a fantasy book, and i'd like to use two prologues. Is this common? The 1st prologue will be a requiem, or ode that tells a story. The 2nd prologue takes place a millennium later and just adds to the backstory...

    What are your thoughts on books with prologues?

    Should i go forward with this, or?

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    imo and I'm no expert... go for it! just remember though that your prologue would be like the foyer or front porch but really you want readers in the house. dont lose the reader in the prologue but it can make your book more complete than without it. grrr I hope that made sense.


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      ty for responding, and you make perfect sense. i was thinking the same about making sure not to lose the reader during the prologue. i think the requiem (1st prologue) is good enough to keep the readers attention. 2nd prologue needs work though...
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        My understanding is that, once you have written everything just like you thought it would be when you started, you'll end up rewriting things anyways. You'll find passages that are a discourse on the world you created instead of showing your world etc... So yes, write both prologues for sure! If nothing else, it'll strengthen the story you are trying to tell within your own mind. However, take note, the first thing the reader sees needs to entice them into the beautiful world, characters and plot you've created. Many publishing editors literally only look at the first page of a book before deciding whether they want to publish it with you.

        There are some great instructional video's on Youtube from various colleges for writing in general and writing fantasy in specific, including a full course from BYU featuring Brandon Sanderson.


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          awesome! ill be checking out the Brandon Sanderson videos for sure. i think he did an excellent job finishing up the wheel of time series.

          ty for the input Merkavah.