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  • Rhymezone Forum Rules

    The following is a list of this forums rules:
    1. Flaming, Bashing, and Trolling - Hate posts and personal attacks will not be tolerated on Rhymezone. Treat others on these message boards as you would expect them to treat you. Posting topics specifically designed to provoke a negative response from someone (aka trolling) is also asked to be avoided. There are however some posts that will cause debates that may offend you. If you are easily offended by discussions about race, religion, and other highly opinionated topics we suggest you stay out of those topics.
    2. No Discrimination - You may not insult members based on their religion, race, sex, political beliefs, or whether they are gay or straight. This is worse than flaming, because it also hurts other members of the board who fall into the category you insult.
    3. No Hacking - This should go without saying, but you are not permitted to hack the board. Guessing someone else's password and succeeding counts as hacking. Members who hack will instantly be permanently banned without any warnings.
    4. No Nudity or Obscene Content - Such content does not belong on Rhymezone. Please remember that this board is a 'PUBLIC' forum. There are 12 year olds here just as there are 50 year olds.
    5. No Plagiarism – Plagiarism of another person’s work is not permitted. That includes both posing others work here and taking credit for it as well as stealing a members work posted here and reposting it elsewhere without permission or without giving proper credit.
    6. No Illegal Activity - You are not allowed to break the law using Rhymezone. This can get Rhymezone into legal trouble.
    7. Warnings will be issued to those members who violate the rules. Multiple warnings or serious offense will result in suspension or banning of your account.
    8. This is an English speaking forum, please type your post in English. If you don't speak English how are you reading these rules?
    9. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.
    10. No Spamming -We know it when we see it. But basically topics or posts that have no other purpose but to push a product, web site or service will be deleted and the poster may be banned, especially if the text doesn't even make sense and you are spamming on your first post. We can tell the difference between a member that is excited about a product or web site, etc. and wants to tell other members out it to be helpful and real Spam.
    11. The Admins reserve the right to add new rules as needed, although we hope we won’t need to because we hate rules too.

    Don't forget to check out the articles in the (you guessed it) Articles Section (see the tabs at the top of the page). You will find it contains a lot of great information on writing poetry and short stories.

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    thank you for being allowed to join


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      Since I recently joined this discussion platform, I personally requested admin to determine all of the Rhymezone Forum Rules which he has done. After getting the required information from this site, I would be able to follow all rules.