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Poetry Help Please? This Is Still HW BTW

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  • Poetry Help Please? This Is Still HW BTW

    What type of poetry is this? Like metaphor, personification, assonance, etc.
    "All manner of fiends, hide in the shadows
    Waiting, readying to pounce."

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    What a strange poetry, take a look here, maybe you can find something interesting for you
    It more looks like assonace
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      I love to read and write poems. My favourite poet was Robert Frost. "The road not taken" was his famous work which was a big storm in the poetry history. This blog is mainly for poetry lovers. topical cbd oil Thanks for such a blog.


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        It really need to be meaningful and thoughtful happy wheels unblocked


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          Poetry help please, This is still HW BTW, Tell those style which are good and easy to bring some replacement in these professional assignment writers australia things which you mostly take whenever you demand to take poetry. I also like poetry and now i want to share some of these lines with you ever.