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Maths! The final frontier!

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  • Maths! The final frontier!

    Though not poetry or writing related, it is homework related. So, you have questions about math. Using my super awesome knowledge of math, I will try to help you out the best I can.

    (Please nothing above multi-variable calculus. I may not be much help in those areas.)
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    I DEFINETELY will in the future!

    (Carnage Family Feud picture?)
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      I thought this wasn't going to be successful at all! But, if I help one person, totally worth it!

      (Honestly, I just found the most bad ass looking Carnage picture. Didn't know its origins until now.)


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        You'll really help, trust me. Damn, sometimes I don't even know 5th Grade maths.

        (Hell yeah. You really did. Didn't know there were any Carnage fans out there.)


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          Thank you for sharing this thread


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            if a = 4, b = 1 and c= 10 then addition of a+b+c= 20. how it is possible?

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              Rational functions?

              If a person can complete a job in 8 hours and his/her friend needs 6 hours to do the same job, what portion of the job would the tow of them complete by working together for two hours?^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^If some one could explain in detail how the above rational function problem works, that would be awesome...


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                Whereas this is an extremely slow response, I feel like I must still answer this question. The answer lies in the fact that the question isn't operating in the typical base 10 number system that we are used to. It is only true in the base 5 number system. The following table shows the correlation between the base 5 and base 10 number system:
                Base 10 Base 5
                1 1
                2 2
                3 3
                4 4
                5 10
                6 11
                7 12
                8 13
                9 14
                10 20
                So, in the standard base 10 number system, this question converts to 4 + 1 + 5 = 10, or in the base 5 number system 4 + 1 + 10 = 20.

                Hope this makes sense!


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                  How did I not see that other question? Once again, apologizes for the extremely slow reply. This isn't really a rational function problem. It's more of a fraction problem.

                  Person A: One job per 8 hours
                  Person B: One job per 6 hours.

                  Person A: 1/8th of a job per hour.
                  Person B: 1/6th of a job per hour.

                  1/8 + 1/6 = 3/24 + 4/24 = 7/24th of a job per hour with both of them working together.

                  Since we're calculating the amount they get done in 2 hours, we simply multiply that number by 2.

                  7/24 * 2 = 14/24. But you can reduce that. So the final answer would be 7/12th of a job in two hours when both of them work together.

                  Hope that helps!


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