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    Billie Burd is a light hearted way of writing my true name.

    Billy Burd.

    I'm in Melbourne Australia.
    Contrary to what others may think, Melbourne is a pretty big city of around 4.5 Million & kangaroos don't inhabit our city or suburbs.

    We don't have Kangaroos, Koalas or wombats riding around on our public transport systems.

    I guess those whom know me would say?


    Survivors of concentration camps from Nazi Germany have explained why my life has been harder than theirs.

    I belonged to a family of 5.
    Elder Brother
    Younger Brother.

    But by the time I was 28 they were all dead, EXCEPT FOR MY DAD.

    BETWEEN January 1991 & January 1994 I'd lost my younger brother whom was 21.

    Then my mum whom was 49.

    Then my Elder brother whom was 32.

    And I attended his funeral in hand cuffs on Remand whilst awaiting sentencing for crimes relating to:
    & Drugs.

    I was 26 when I was sentenced to 6yrs in maximum security prison.

    Whilst in prison 3 guys tried to kill me for my sneakers.

    I was stabbed in the back, without any warning. Yet I fought back. And with G-D's help I overcame my attackers.

    I received an additional 2yrs for manslaughter due to my frantic life threatening retaliation.

    So all in all. I did 8 straight years, mostly in maximum security.

    I came from a middle to upper class background.

    My dad was a highly decorated war hero of WWII & then immediately after WWII he went to fight in the Middle East.

    He was a highly decorated professional soldier.
    He came to Australia in Early 50's, married my mum in late 50's & had 3 boys.

    He remained married to my mum for 18yrs.


    When he drank alcohol, things got very, very out of hand ( SHALL WE SAY ).

    This happened regularly & acute violence was what I grew up with...

    Prison was NOTHING COMPARED TO THE 1st 16yrs of my life at home.

    So my 2 brothers & myself found relief in drugs, etc etc.

    I think that the way the law & society punishes drug users / abusers INFINITELY MAKES THE PROBLEM FOR ADDICTS FAR WORSE THAN THE DRUGS THEMSELVES.

    England has had Heroin in prescription for addicts for OVER 20yrs already.


    Indeed at least a dozen western countries including Canada, now have Heroin on prescription as part of a therapy program.

    These HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PROGRAMS have reduced death by overdose, as well as community crime & even a reduction of illicit sales of Heroin within the community.

    Indeed UNDER STRICT SUPERVISION, supplying Heroin to addicts unable to kick their habits is statistically & factually reducing death, crime & exposure of Heroin to innocent members of the community.

    The war on drugs is LOST.

    EDUCATION REGARDING PREVENTION, & controlling illicit substances will & ARE making the community a safer place.

    In regards to communities where Heroin is available UNDER STRICT SUPERVISION!


    I have a degree in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.
    As well as small business management.

    I have certification in nutritional science, as well as fitness training & body Building.


    I also studied drumming under a senior lecturer of one of our most respected institutions.

    So music composure, arrangement & lyric writing is a HUGE PART OF LIFE.

    I am told that I am made of pure muscle, & have had some small roles on TV, for such purposes in the past.

    I desperately want to peruse some kind of life in the arts. Wether acting, writing or music I have completed ( on my broken down computer ) 😂

    I write all this on my iPhone, as it's currently my only internet access.

    I also did 1st year studies in psychology, but branched off into I.T. That was in 2001.

    I'm off to the gym, for my regular endorphin fix.

    Thanks HEAPS for reading my story.
    Peace To All.
    Regards Billie Burd.


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      I know I've submitted something in the Community Poetry contest before introducing myself but it shouldn't be too late right?

      You can call me Tashi and I use this site often for rhyming words for songwriting when I saw the contest and thought I might as well have a go. As I've mentioned before, I normally write song lyrics but I want to learn about different writing techniques to come up with great prose as well as poems.


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        Hello, Everyone! I started using rhymezone a little bit less than a year now... and am glad I stumbled upon this site! I started writing poems last 2/21/2015. I mainly use this site for rhymes. Then, few days ago, I noticed the poem contest and realized that there are existing forums here! So, I opened an account and now here I am... Learning to navigate the site. I posted some of my poems and enjoyed reading a few...i will be reading more!


        • RhymeLovingWriter
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          Wow imrogue - we joined almost the same time! I don't check this forum very often, but was looking around today and just wanted to say hello!

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        Hello, guys! I'm Kenda i just joined and having a great time here. I hope we can share interesting ideas as we get along in this forum. Thanks!


        • RhymeLovingWriter
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          Hi Kenda! I usually hang out on the forum for sharing lyrics and poems, but am doing some looking around at other forums today and just wanted to say hello!

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        Hi! I am Bree, I joined after finding out about this years poetry contest. Umm. I am 13 years old. Um... I enjoy learning new things and finding new hobbies such as: playing piano, doing sign language, singing, baking, and writing poetry! I started writing poetry when I was about eight, and since then have learned to pour my heart into poetry. I like to write about weird happenings in life(such as neighbors screaming on the roof!). I love reading other poets work and I hope to get to know everyone Nd read all of your work!


        • RhymeLovingWriter
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          I've already been enjoying your poetry, but saw your post here and decided to stop and say hello! Hope all is well!

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        Hi all,

        I am new to this forum and will appreciate the support from the existing and senior member of the forum.

        smile plzz


        • imrogue
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          welcome to the forum! 💐😊

        • RhymeLovingWriter
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          Yes smileplzz333 - welcome to the zone. I haven't been here for more than a few months myself but am having a fine time of it!

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        Hi everyone! Looking forward to read what you have written.


        • RhymeLovingWriter
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          Welcome Lakenya! I hang out mostly in the main forum for sharing poetry and lyrics, but occasionally wander around to other forums. Hope you are well and welcome to the zone.

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        Hello all. I am very excited to be here. at the moment I am creating a bit too many poems (I am tryting to write my own poetry book in one of those fancy decorated books which is taking longer than I thought. My poems are always acroustic (hence my username) and I try to rhyme every line. I find poetry fascinating even though I am not very good at writing poetry. To add to this I had finished making about a year ago a puzzle maze for people to enjoy as well. I look forward to reading everyone else's poems, riddles etc. too. I also believe my poetry has saved me from several detentions in the past. kind regards


        • RhymeLovingWriter
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          Looking forward to seeing more of your work acrousticrhymefan! Welcome to the zone.

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        Hi guys! I genuinely hope this forum is active! It is a rather nice forum, I have to say. I wanted to join to post some of my original poetry and make as many likeminded friends as I can! You guys can call me "Neon" or "Ezra" either is fine. I hope to meet more and more of you soon!


        • imrogue
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          welcome! 😊

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        Hello, guys! Im Pearlene, I just joined and having such a wonderful time here. See you guys around!


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          I have been a lurker around RhymeZone for over two years, the same time I started doing literature stuff and, I decided to finally join this place so that some of my works can get some feedback. Anyway, my name is Bryan, currently 27 years of age and from Glasgow in the UK. I hope to be active here even though things in life are quite busy at the moment, with work experience and such but, it shouldn't stop me from providing some of my works that I would like to share (though I posted one of them already, if you want to check it out). Nothing much else to say here other than... hello!


          • imrogue
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            Hello Bryan! welcome to the zone! Belated that is ! 😊

          • Bry89
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            A bit late to say that now, as I've been around for a while now, haha :P But thanks anyway

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          Firstly, I want to say a huge 'thank you' to RhymeZone for creating this incredible forum and community, as well as the best online rhyming dictionary ever! I've been using RhymeZone for about a year or so, and just yesterday discovered the forum--which I immediately joined. I am currently 17 years old, and live in Bratislava, Slovakia (if you know where that is, I applaud your knowledge of geography). I first started writing poetry (and by poetry I mean simple little rhymes) when I was about seven and continued until I was around thirteen years old. At that time, I began devoting more time to the study of the violin, which I had began playing when I was six. I was accepted into the Bratislava Conservatoire of Music, and so dropped writing poetry, telling myself that I didn't have time. But finally, after a 'hiatus' of about three years, I rediscovered my love for the art form when I read Lord Alfred Tennyson's 'The Charge of the Light Brigade'.
          As well as being a fan of poetry, I am obsessed with the works of Charles Dickens. William Shakespeare, Victor Hugo, Alfred Tennyson, Wilkie Collins, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, among others...basically I love anything written in the 19th century and earlier. I am also a history buff, an amateur photographer, artist, pianist, and of course, violinist. Not that I am good in any of the fields that I listed, I just love them. Again, a huge thanks to RhymeZone, and to everybody here!


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            welcome to the zone! 😊👍🏼


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              Greetings! I am new to this community, but hopefully not for long! I'm Holly and I'm a freelance writer. I used to rhyme a lot when I was a kid but that sort of faded in the high school. Recently I've revived the urge to write poetry and came across this helpful tool and community. Magic! Or Google, IDK Anyway. thank you all for sharing your pieces, that is very inspiring.


              • N. Y. Sonnet
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                Welcome! It's great to have you here, and I hope you will share your work with us!

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              Hello, I am Yrlissa and new to the community.I love Rhymezone and have been using it since I started writing poetry when I was ten. I just recently found the forum and I want to give huge thanks to everyone here, because you have really inspired me to start writing poetry again! I am fourteen and live in the gorgeous state of Montana. I love animals, especially horses, dogs, cats, etc. I also love to watch star trek and look up memes (One of my favorite things!) People have been known to describe me as a crazy, unstable person prone to bouts of insanity. (You have been warned! ) I have five younger siblings, aged two to ten, two parents who I am proud to say are still happily married after 18+ years, and a Grandpa who spoils us like crazy! LOL. I am homeschooled (Though not the stereotypical nerd type ) and I love to draw, paint, write fiction and poetry and ride horses (We are getting our own horses soon, yay!)
              Anyway, when I get around to posting some poems on here, I'd love to hear feedback and advice from ya'll.
              Thanks again,
              Yrlissa K.


              • N. Y. Sonnet
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                I'm glad you've joined!!! Homeschoolers unite!!!! Looks like you have a bunch of interests... Welcome, and I look forward to seeing your poetry!