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    Hi, I am majo,a professional writer in the UK. nice to meet you all.


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      Hey Boris, I am also new to RhymeZone forums! I have been a user for years but never even looked into the Forum section until I saw this years contest post. I hope you find some insight here, because we could all use a little when writing new pieces.


      • Joe Bobbo
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        Hello and welcome to the forum! I moved your post over to the official Introduce Yourself thread, where we try to keep all the introductions and welcomes! Glad to have you as part of the forum, and hope that you are able to participate here as much as you want!

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      In my enthusiasm and rush to read poems by others, and start posting my own, I overlooked the fact that I hadn't yet introduced myself, so— HELLO! I'm Christina, from Winnipeg, Canada. And, (as if Winnipeg isn't far enough north) I spend much of my time working in Northern Manitoba, in and around Churchill on the Hudson Bay, providing consultative services to remote, fly-in aboriginal communities. That's polar bear country, folks!

      I actually joined last year, but other than entering last year's poetry contest, I didn't really spend any time in the forums. I have returned, though, and have been really enjoying reading everything in sight. I'm pretty sure I've commented on just about every entry in this year's contest—lots of talented poets and I look forward to getting to know many of you through your works! Don't be shy— the main reason I enjoy posting my own works is that I love hearing opinions and suggestions from others. I consider it a gift when someone takes the time to read, then comment on something I've written!


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        Hi everyone I'm real given name is Giovanni but here in Maple,Ontario,Canada...they call me John...T is the first letter in my last name and the 13...well that's a whole different story...As I mentioned I'm from Ontario cold for you, well not as cold as pipers Winnipeg...that's where they keep the snow dogs and igloos(lol) know I'm kidding piper(its a Canadian thing)...actually my sister in laws brother(family) lives in Winnipeg...and I have lots of relatives in the U.S. primarily in New York State...
        The reason why I'm here at Rhymezone is mostly due to my Grade School English teacher Mrs Lynch...she is the one that inspired me to write...her love of Shakespeare's sonnets and William Butler Yeats left a mark on gradually through the years I began to write until recently...where now there is an explosion of poetry(with the bad grammar and everything else)...I guess its due to having some time on my hands...recently I medically retired from Canada Post after 25 yrs(bad back)...

        I like this place...I like the people here(that includes you piper)...I consider Rhymezone my little community and hopefully I can grow as a writer(poet) and stay here awhile...hey can I use this for a entry in the contest(lol) is up to the poets to make the world a better place one word at a time...ciao


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          Well, I'll be— another Canuk! Say... how are the Leafs doing this season? (I'd make a joke, but the Jets are exactly flying high at the moment... lol!)

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        Hi we have two things in common...we're both Canadian and our teams are crap...and don't get me started on the Leafs...I grew up in Toronto but now live north of there...well three things really Poetry...I think we should stick to the


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          I am Vera. I followed the link posted on, and figured I'd share my poetry.

          I really just started last month, so bare with me! I know my poems are a little sad and quirky. I re-read them and sometimes wonder what was going on in my little pea brain! I have a blog - where I post them as well (much more frequently), and I love reading others' poems as well, so I look forward to dig around and see some cool stuff!!

          PS: I am from the USA :[ and I am still trying to figure out how to edit my profile :P


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            Welcome to all of you guys. It is great to see this community continue to grow. It is all of you that make this a fun place to hang out, so thanks for that!


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              Or more precisely from where I am from
              G,day mate
              Yes, I'm Australian.
              So basically you will always see my posts at weird hours for most of you.
              I also have only just recently stumbled over this forum and I have to say, great poetry people, well done and keep it coming!
              Well, I also poked around on some of the other forums and I have to say I agree with the consensus to communicate more between ourselves.
              I am only just starting out and therefore would love feedback on my writings. (Good or bad)
              Look forward to reading, commenting and hearing from you all.
              Thanks B.Frank


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                Hello! Welcome!

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              Hi everybody,

              My name is Seamus, the Irish for James and from James we get Jimmy.

              I live out in the back of beyond in rural Ireland and have recently being attempting to rekindled the lost poet within myself.
              As a youngster i would be the one writing juvenile rhymes in school when i should have been doing something more productive. During my twenties i moved on to song writing (for myself only) but that was my outlet and i loved it. Now later again I've come back to poetry, partially because i love it and partially because as a parent i no longer have the time to sit in my room writing songs.
              But i can go for a walk once or twice a week. It's good for the health and 6 miles usually produces half a poem or even a verse.
              I've been falling back on good ol' rhymezone when at an impasse and only this week discovered the forum and subsequently the competition.

              So hello and best wishes fellow rhymers, lyricists, poets and readers. Nice to make your acquaintance..


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                Great to have you here Jimmyskip. I love that we get members from all over the place. I live near Boston so we have a fair number of Irish here as well.


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                  Hi John, I think there's something like 40 million in the US claiming Irish heritage while there's only 5 million of us left at home. We get around alright


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                    I guess like many here I'm kinda old/new. I've been using RhymeZone since early 2002 and only now poking my head above the waters of anonymity lol
                    I don't write often and most of what I have written over the years is lost (either by accident or purpose).
                    I guess I should tell you something of myself here...
                    I'm a divorced, empty-nester. Father of two. Old enough to know better but young enough not to care. Spend most of my time alone but that's ok, I do prefer my solitude. Not to say I don't enjoy talking with people, just so long as they keep their distance. No offence, but y'all are crazy lol. People just seem to cause static in my head, especially in live social situations. Communicating through written prose just seems better for me. It allows my slow, cumbersome social skills time to assimilate what has been said and formulate a truly expressive response. Unlike IRL situations where I cannot seem to keep up and usually end up drinking and smiling and nodding and laughing at the appropriate (or all too often, inappropriate) times.
                    Anyway... I'm going over to the "Post Ur Stuff" forum here and think about posting something.


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                      Hey everyone,

                      I'm Maarten, 15 years old and from The Netherlands, and I have an unhealthy interest for the written language.
                      Despite not being quite well at it, (English isn't my mother tongue) I try to translate the thoughts I have about my perspective of the world in poems or silly jokes.
                      And yes, it sounds like a child's dream, but I'm seriously thinking about being a prof comedian and poet when I finish my education. I always thought that I wanted to do something with technical stuff, invent things, but I always thought that the only way I could express my thoughts was through code and math.
                      I have a lot of issues with my speech, so now I only operate through online media, but one day I'm on stage!
                      Most of my poems are in Dutch, but I was already planning on doing more English ones, because the English language has waaay more words.
                      I always try to have a sort of unique form to my poems or make parodies. I've wrote poems about hiphop music, the Dutch language, my own disabillities in life, my struggles with social contact and more.
                      The thing I like to do most is to punch a hole in whatever someone is doing. I strive to do the exact opposite of what mainstream culture is doing. Not because I'm a special snowflake, but because I want to show people my perspective on things, while disquising my message in a jacket of comedy.

                      Well, that was a part of what I was going to say.


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                        WENTWORTH IN A WORD.

                        Corporate Bitch Granola Girl.
                        Indiewood Film Chopper.
                        Revenue Guru Game Show Host.
                        Graphic Design Cropper.
                        Owner of iEverything.
                        Tech-Savvy Shopper.
                        LA Weight Loss Marketing Queen.
                        Frog Prince Turned Pauper.
                        Creator of The Anti-Ad.
                        UCLA Name Dropper.
                        Starbucks Coffee Bean.
                        My Push-The-Envelope Black Lager.

                        Third Eye Marketing.
                        Anthony Robbins Meets Deepak Chopra.
                        Workaholic Tendencies.
                        Bedhead For Some Copper.
                        Saturday Market Fruit Smoothies.
                        Ethnic Food Cart Hopper.
                        Monday Morning Marathon.
                        Design Our Next Show Stopper.
                        Millennial Ad Mentality.
                        My Shit's Poppin' Like Redenbacher.
                        Spin Doctor, Flow Proper.

                        Hi, I'm Paula Wentworth, AKA Sister Greed.

                        I would die without RHYMEZONE. Some people see a therapist; I go to RHYMEZONE. I hope you've enjoyed my poet rap as much as I've enjoyed your poetry. There have been a couple of really standout pieces that inspired me: The Heavy Vol. II and A Community Which I Am Not A Part Of, both brilliant. To read those has been my reward for participating in the 2016 contest.

                        About Sister Greed. She manifested from a poem called Paid Face (now posted as Trader Joe's Brie) which I wrote after being downsized from the multimillion dollar corporation I helped build:

                        "Sister Greed is in cahoots
                        Doing Wall Street Daddy for his loot
                        I'm a corporate prostitute
                        I push the product through."

                        I love the name Sister Greed because it's now a joke. I live on the edge of poverty, a staunch advocate for environmental, LGBTQ, human, and animal rights. And I'm happy. Thank you for having me!
                        Last edited by Sister Greed; 03-28-2016, 01:06 PM.


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                          Hello everyone, I ran across this site while looking for some poetry contests to enter. This is my first attempt other than many moons ago getting taken in by Now, I do a little research before submitting anything. I have been reading some of the poetry here and I'm not sure mine measures up as it seems more simplistic. I will learn a lot here, I'm sure. Good luck with your poetry everyone.