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    Any World of Warcraft players here? Why do you love the game? Share your best gaming tips for beginners!

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    I recently started playing wow and I’m wondering what is the reason people play the game. I came from bdo where grinding and doing life skills where the main focus. Do people play wow only to run dungeon and raid to get better gear?


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      It is one of my favorite games right now, I play it every day to improve my skills. Improving in WoW can be really rewarding if you make sure you've mastered the basics of your class and spec. Understanding your abilities and rotation is crucial. There are tons of YouTube guides and Twitch streams where experienced players share tips and strategies. I like watching them to provide insights into class-specific tactics and gameplay. Also I found boosting services at to improve my gaming skills and achieve higher rank faster. They have so many great boosting options, it is great tool for players.
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