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  • Advice on switching to vaping

    Finally I've decided to stop smoking. I know it won't be easy (actually I tried many times before). I never smoked vapes and know nothing abt them. Please share your experience, main advice and tips. And don't forget to mention what's your fav vapes, where do you buy them, etc.?
    Thank you!

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    Great decision! I have experience of switching from smoking to vape, so I can give you a couple of basic tips. You're on the right track)
    The main thing is not to overuse it сos it can be difficult at first. Start with short vaping sessions to get used to the sensation. You don't need to replicate your smoking habit exactly. Vaping is different. For the first time choose a simple and user-friendly device. Pod systems are a great option for beginners cos they're small, convenient and require minimal maintenance.
    Next tip: to avoid strong addiction, you should consider nicotine levels when selecting an e-liquid. Since you're transitioning from smoking, you might want to start with a nicotine strength that matches your smoking habit and gradually reduce it over time. Choose reputable brands for e-liquids and devices! That's very important if you want quality device for a long time. Quality e-liquids also can enhance your vaping experience and reduce the risk of potential health concerns.


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      When it comes to flavors it completely depends on your taste and preference. I mean someone like strong flavor and someone like mild. From my experience (and most vapers TBH) choose better something light and sweet, closer to fruit and berries. Actually there are many good pod systems but for the first time try Caliburn A3 or Geek Bar. Actually you can explore more here and find out other options to choose. Hope you'll find my tips useful) I'll be glad to give you more advice if you have any more questions.
      Good luck!