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  • Inespolo
    The deep_translator Python library is a convenient solution as it utilizes Google Translate without the need for additional setup. It's always great to see open-source solutions that make tasks easier and more accessible.

    The deep_translator Python library uses Google Translate as one of its translation engines. Therefore, it relies on the data collected by Google Translate to provide its translations.

    Google Translate uses a combination of statistical and neural machine translation (NMT) methods to provide translations. It works by analyzing vast amounts of multilingual text data and using machine learning algorithms to generate translations based on patterns in that data. Google Translate's data sources include publicly available documents, books, websites, and user-generated content.

    It's worth noting that when using Google Translate, users may also contribute to data collection through their translations. Google uses these translations to improve its translation models over time. Additionally, Google collects usage data to improve the service and provide personalized translation suggestions.
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  • JakekeKe9
    started a topic Google Auto Translate Macro

    Google Auto Translate Macro

    If you need to translate your text from one language to another, the process can be quite painful. The current Google Translate tool requires an API key, and billing information to get started. I thought it would be great to have a tool you can download, and not have to worry about where to get an API key or have credit card information at the ready.

    This tool uses a free to use Python library called deep_translator ( that also uses Google translate to translate text. However, it avoids the need for billing information or any setup. Just download the tool, hit save, and translate away!