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    Hey are there any businessmans here? I wonder what was the most succesful deal for you that changed your life?

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    I've had my ups and downs just like everyone else, for sure. But now I have found stability, so to speak. I guess it's time to go global. Recently I found out that there is an opportunity to sell directly to public companies in different countries. For example, in India there is a good and clear program of public procurement. I want to take part in it all i need to do is to Go here for the gem portal login​ ​. So far I like what is written. It has a convenient interface and access to a lot of state companies, which can be my potential customers. I guess it can be considered a success, albeit a potential success.​
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      Well, i gues that my searchings will end on a good note after all


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        Yes, gems from India are a worthy investment. Of course, I don't have the same scope, but my new business is also dear to me. I have long dreamed of a woodworking business. Even when buying my, I hope so far, first company, I used the services of a local consulting company, in order to avoid pitfalls in the turbulent flow of business. Even though it is still a relatively small business, I consider it my first worthwhile success. I wish everyone to find a business that brings in a good income.
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