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    I want to bet on the match between Tenerife and Little. I'm wondering if it's worth it. If not, then tell me why I should not do it. And also tell me how much money to bet on this match, this information would be very useful to me.

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    If you are confident that the team you are betting on will win, of course, you should do so. If you have strong doubts, then it's up to you. I think you can bet about 30% of your free money on this ​. Of course, I can still tell you where to place your bets, and then it's up to you. I approve of this action.
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      Why did the number from casino roulette come immediately to my mind? Apparently, I'm too much of a gambler. Come to think of it, the number 13 is a standard number. It doesn't have to be anything scary. It's just a bad association. Why do people hurt that number? Try betting the number 13 on a roulette table in a casino and any other number, and you'll see they have the same meaning. I'm a gambling man, and I'm convinced of that. If you are a gambling man, too, you may find the information and reviews on casino games helpful. In that case, you can win more money even if the roulette wheel has the number 13. Just try​, and everything will work out. I wish you good luck.
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