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  • Question for investment analysts

    Hello! I would like to listen to those who are already working as investment analysts: what is your background (I mean main education) and what courses have you finished additionally? Maybe you know a useful online resource where you can find information about relevant training and courses? I am about to start working in this field, but I do not know where to start.​

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    Careers in finance and investments can be extremely rewarding, exciting and lucrative, but also high, stressful and nerve-wracking! I suggest you start by finding Oscar Hartmann's YouTube channel; he posts videos with lots of practical advice. You can also find conferences with his participation here, there is a lot of useful information. You have to learn to think properly, to analyze, not to be afraid of risks, because financial management requires fortitude and confidence.
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      Using the advice of experienced investors, you are sure to find an acceptable investment option for yourself.


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        Hi. If you are in the Fintech and lending industry, there is a great solution for you at This service provides a great fintech solution for businesses to work with customers. You can get rid of multiple application processing systems and you can issue your own branded physical and virtual payment cards.​
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          Hello, I only understand the subject of investing in cryptocurrency, so I can tell you about it. Cryptocurrencies are a digital asset that began as a medium of exchange for people to buy goods and services. Over time, their functionality has expanded. For all newbies, I advise investing your cryptocurrency in crypto games, preferably in sites only recently opened. One such site that will open soon is called Coin Play. There will be a lot of crypto games there. If you are interested, here is the link bitcoin sports betting
          I suggest to check it out.​