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  • Question for investment analysts

    Hello! I would like to listen to those who are already working as investment analysts: what is your background (I mean main education) and what courses have you finished additionally? Maybe you know a useful online resource where you can find information about relevant training and courses? I am about to start working in this field, but I do not know where to start.​

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    Careers in finance and investments can be extremely rewarding, exciting and lucrative, but also high, stressful and nerve-wracking! I suggest you start by finding Oscar Hartmann's YouTube channel; he posts videos with lots of practical advice. You can also find conferences with his participation here, there is a lot of useful information. You have to learn to think properly, to analyze, not to be afraid of risks, because financial management requires fortitude and confidence.
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      Using the advice of experienced investors, you are sure to find an acceptable investment option for yourself.


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        In fact, this is a very complex area, it is unlikely that you can get by with just courses. You need experience and practice. Investments are interesting, but difficult.Just a couple of weeks ago I urgently needed to apply for a zero percent credit card and damn near broke my head while I was looking for information on what it is and how it works. Thank goodness I found this website and it was explained to me very well.
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          It is very good to invest in some business or any other finance sector to improve your financial stability by getting the interest rate. But many people who have no idea how to invest in profit area. You can get the questions for investment analyst for understanding more about it​ gas station loans ​