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  • I love winning

    I mean... I live for it and it makes me terribly uncomfortable because I have to maintain my status as a winner all the time. It's annoying because I can't relax.I'm even hooked on canadian online casino real money because I like to win. But when it comes to losing.... I literally start going crazy. It's too hard an experience for me.
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    I had a similar desire to win all the time as a child. I considered myself a very competitive person and I really wanted to be the best at everything. Others often notice this and it seems to me that this is not a positive quality in a person.


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      I can’t agree that being competitive isn’t a positive quality. I don’t think that a person can win anything without the spirit of rivalry. This character trait is like an engine that makes you move further till you reach your goal. So, don’t listen to those who judge you for your aspiration to be number one in whatever you engage in. There is no limit to self-perfection. I, for example, want to play poker as a professional and spend as much time as possible mastering my skills. I play online using the ole777 platform, go to real casinos, gather my friends for evening poker, etc. And I won’t stop until I reach my goal, no matter what others think about my possession. I want to be the best one, and this desire gives me the strength to continue.​


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