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gaming laptop is better than pc for video games

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  • gaming laptop is better than pc for video games

    gaming pc is quite expensive and requires a lot of space for setting it up. gaming laptops, on the other hand, are more convenient and can be taken to any place you want also you can buy them at any cost. gaming pc can only be used for gaming, but gaming laptops be used for anything like your daily work and gaming. gaming laptops are available for $400 and under.

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    Is it true? I am so confused about this topic and I think people who are really focused on playing such games cbd products can answer this question quite well I think it is true because there are some more features in a gaming laptop because it is more concentrated on the game itself. A pc is used for certain other purposes and that makes the difference. Keep sharing more updates here.


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      I totally disagree with that.


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        gaming laptop, it's certainly very cool, but you need to take such laptops so they do not break, and they did not have any problems, and here I first encountered a problem when I use a laptop. my laptop is plugged in, but does not charge, I long sought a solution and found it here‚Äč, but even with all these problems, I will choose a gaming laptop.
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          When comparing identical hardware, the gaming PC will prevail over the gaming laptop. This is so that even though a product listing for a gaming PC or gaming laptop may mention the same hardware, the two devices have different capabilities. they both have no problem.