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14 Fun Facts I Know That Maybe Become Useful

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  • 14 Fun Facts I Know That Maybe Become Useful

    1#- Its entirely legal to encrypt thank you letters to the police wasting time and resources.

    2#- There are no laws preventing the smoking of many herbs that result in entirely legal highs.

    3#-Driving while high can get you a DUI for... some reason, despite us not having tested how bad it is

    4#- Police can only keep you 8 hours without a judge extending the period and during this time you can be questioned for only 4 meaning if it is before having been detained 8 hours. This means unless they are willing to show you what they have no matter what they say do not break before 8 hours.

    5#- Police are allowed to lie to you to get a confession. While you cannot lie to an officer, they are more than welcome to lie to you giving them a tactical advantage.

    6#- Stalling, see if you do not pay attention to what he/she says when he/she asks if you understand you can truthfully say "No I wasn't paying attention"


    8#- Be honest with your attorney if you are guilty, it is still their job to get you off. Tell them the full story (away from prying eyes) so they can best protect you.

    9#- Be civil, rather than be mean to the officer or sit in silence have small talk and while doing so Smile, keep eye contact, and finally most important of all be sure to always stay chill

    10#- A personal favorite of mine get comfortable. you can be there a total of 8 hours while they can only question you for 4 hours, they do not have to move you (again the 4 is assuming they do not have a judge's permission to question you longer but if you are tired say so and if they keep going, they deprived you of sleep to coerce a confession

    11#- If you have nothing to hide lawyer up, you have nothing to gain by talking to them without a lawyer. Most false convictions happen because innocent people assume they do not need a lawyer because they are innocent. In all my years this has been one of the biggest mistakes people make.

    12#- Assume your innocent but being offered a plea deal. There are three things that could happen you either, proven innocent, proven guilty. or take the deal. At the end of the day, half the time, you should consider the plea deal. If you are going to get convicted anyway what is the point in staying in prison longer than you have too?

    13#- In court things change, the jury despite what anyone says is biased against you. The moment they see you in that chart you are guilty. They are looking for any reason to crucify you do not give them one. Be presentable put together speak loudly and with confidence when spoken too. Also, if you are ever put on the stand wait. Take a few seconds before answering so there's time just in case.
    14#- Fun Fact, The government dose shady shit. If you kill more than two people you need to be public. You need to have a following Cuz if your public they can't take you to a black sight as easily and trust me. That is the LAST thing you want

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    I was more or less familiar with the other facts, but the second fact surprised me a lot, I had not heard about it before.


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