clamy plams...
bright light..
scared out of my mind
lost in thought
frozen stiff

the stage is set
there's no going back
deep breath
big smile
set the mood
And go

Step remember my line
don't look at the paper
eye contact keep eye, contact
smile project your voice
focus line two back to numb
back to one no wait three
read line three read three

set walk smile no now i'm sad
frown and read its not hard
just don't mess up
that's all i have to do

keep talking keep talking
don't let them see you panic
they smell fear
step one two move to the left
to far keep the light move right
"Walk loudly 3 steps right mumbling the enitre way*
speak up announce your words proudly
smile keep one two walk left
like that no more paper
feel the confidence
I'm not me anymore i'm Jackson
what was the last time
where was i line 16
keep it up walk so the fear can't catch you
Jacksons not scared so neither are you
enphesise the up's and downs
then it happens
i forget a word and i freeze
i know it what is it
i'm dying what do i do
what do i do

confidence crumbles
its okay 2-3 step
keep walking remember the words
its okay as long as your heard just

i'm done
I'm Done

"Fill here with sarcastic improve for a good little bit" -Potentially add voices in your head -Make it manic

keep a frown Jacksons not happy -Make here more a powerless sorrow with slight anger-
i'm not happy
Jacksons not happy
but i'm fine
it's fine
we're fine right

​We have to be fine
its fine
we're fine
it's all fine

just don't mess up