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Depression, how do you cope?

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  • Depression, how do you cope?

    For those who've overcome their depression, what did you do?

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    I fake it. All the time. The people I work with view me as this bubbly, optimistic person. Always smiling, always willing to listen. They don't know I typically cry on my commute home. That it takes an enormous effort to drag myself out of bed every morning and plaster that stupid smile on my face.


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      Originally posted by Olenka01
      I had severe depression, and I could not cope with it. It had a big impact on my life and behavior, which led to several conflicts with people around me. One of those conflicts ended in a fight, and I was charged with assault. I was terrified and didn't know how to handle the situation. I was afraid of going to jail and didn't know how to defend my innocence. However, I found a great lawyer from agp law who helped me defend my rights. My lawyer provided the necessary evidence that I was under psychological stress and could not control my actions. He also provided evidence that the other party provoked me into a conflict and started a fight to get it from here. Thanks to the fact that I found a good lawyer, I was able to avoid jail time and undergo mandatory rehabilitation. I understand that my behavior was wrong and that depression cannot be an excuse for attacking other people.
      My Dad recently opened up to me sharing that he struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. And he hasn’t outwardly admitted to a struggle with depression. But I suspect he has his struggles. Do any of you struggle with anxiety and depression? And if so, have you learned how to manage it?


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        Although no Treatment can completely care this mental health problem a combination of medication, psychotherapy, self-care, self-compassion, and changes in your life style is the straight path to recovery.