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  • Do you like math?

    I wasn't too fond of math in school, but I needed it to get into university. How do you feel about it? For example, for a long time I couldn't even look at all those problems, but my school teacher advised me which I started to sit on for a long time and I liked it. I think it was the Internet that instilled in me a love of math.
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    Thank you for sharing the details of mathematic subject through this website. There are many people who don’t love to study mathematics subjects but basically, I am a mathematics lover. It is a very simple as well as very interesting subject for me so that I mainly time spent for this Peter Veres


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      I hate math and I'm so glad I didn't have it in university.


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        There are many students are there are who are really interested in doing the maths subject. Doing problems Lab grown diamonds and finding out the solution is really interesting for them. But many people have lots of difficulty in handling maths problems and equations. Keep sharing more details over here.


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          It wasn't easy for me to learn it at school.