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    There are many, I am a co-founder of a blockchain and cryptocurrency development company and every day we receive requests for proposals from different companies on how blockchain can improve their business. These are medium- to large-sized companies, especially in the fintech or supply chain sectors.

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    use thistechnology too


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      Blockchain is probably one of the most mysterious phenomena in recent times for me. That said, I would like to use it to my advantage. I know that web developers are doing it and I want to hire python development services because blockchain can be written in python. Well, let's see what happens.
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        What are the categories of people you lend money to?


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          Can blockchain be used in trading? Or can I do trading using cryptocurrencies instead of regular ones? I would like to investigate this area more.
          I do scalping trading strategy quite well, and it helps me to make good money in a short period. It is riskier than other strategies, but I am ready to take the risk because I don’t like to wait for a long time. It allows me to make slices of pips on the small changes in the price.
          I would like to combine my knowledge about these strategies to make some crypto money. It would be much more profitable to trade Bitcoin than dollars.
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