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    For trading DOGE, you should use charts, then check out the live price for dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies live here. There you can use imposing multiple periods on a chart, which is common practice for traders and allows them to spot trends and seasonality in price movements.
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    Yeah, I'm trying to make that my primary currency right now. It seems to me that in the future it will become the world's main currency. I like the blockchain system itself. I like the fact that it basically depends on everybody and doesn't depend on anybody. Decentralized systems have led to success in every industry that exists. So it always surprises me when someone asks why people use dao. It's convenient, for crying out loud! That's why!
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      I started investing in crypto more and more often. I am also now studying various exchanges. I will say that it is necessary to study them for further investments best crypto exchange. Different platforms offer different ways to deposit and withdraw money, which may be unavailable in your country of residence. Of course you won't lose your money, but you will have to transfer your assets to another exchange, which will make you pay extra transfer/withdrawal fees, and you will also lose some time and possibly some money if the market goes down.
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