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Where do you watch movies most often?

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  • Where do you watch movies most often?

    Do you watch movies often? I would like to talk here about movies and maybe share and get advice from movie buffs. For example what is your favorite genre of movies and at what venue do you watch the most often?

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    Most of the time I like to watch comedy movies. This is probably my favorite genre. And I try to find movies on the Internet.


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      Personally, I like to watch movies when I have free time. My favorite movie genre is fantasy. And I also prefer to watch all movies only in the original voiceover without dubbing. It's very important for me that's why I prefer to watch movies on soaptoday. And what genre of films do you prefer?
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        Every day in the evening I start watching movies, I take as much good food as I can and start looking for some movie, I often use different torrent sites to download movies for the road or for the evening, it's fast and free. Click here if you want to watch a movie for free, you can try to find a working video on the website, but you will get a notice that you can't watch this movie because of the copyright. This is because this website hosts the entire movie, which is illegal.
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          I watch on torrents or online, tnx for recommendations