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    Do you work out? How often do you go to the gym?

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    I go to a gym usually five days a week. I lift weights and run/walk on the tread mill. I also take Speed and Agility sessions at another place. Yesterday i ran 5.40 miles in 45 minutes on the treadmill then did 8 sets of bicep curls and 2 sets of abs crunches.


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      I love fitness and I have home gym 'coz I want to be a role model for my kids. I think fitness can help to stay healthy. I also bought Home Gym for kids with all necessary equipment and affordable prices. Now we can exercise together, it’s even more entertaining. Luckily they have fast delivery service.
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        I will be Olympian in future & I have started my home gym exercise using cap bumper plates. The results are worthwhile in just 7 days. I recommend for everyone who is going to start career as an Olympian.
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          I train three times a week. When I don't have time to go to the gym, I try to organize my workouts at home. I have a personal trainer at the gym with whom I coordinate my workouts. My goal is to get rid of two kilos and tighten my abs. My body's fat percentage has exceeded the allowable mark, so it is urgent to correct this. I want to consult a nutritionist and develop a personalized menu. My diet is not good for me. I will also talk to my trainer to step up my workouts. I may have to go to the gym more often. By the way, I calculated my fat percentage thanks to the weight smart scale.
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            I work out 2-3 times a week