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  • What're You Thinking About?

    I'm thinking bout home right now. The days where a lot of memories were made and all that. I miss home...

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    This may be a different way to look at it, but here goes:

    It is a blessing that you have something good to remember and a place to miss. I think that way often, especially when I miss people I love who have passed on. Instead of staying in a place where I am sad for what I don't have - I remember all of the good that I did have - and look forward to creating that for other people for as long as I have left. It doesn't immediately eliminate the sadness (which is OK with me too), but it tempers it enough to look ahead.


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      I am thinking about dogs. Goals I might have in my preferred breed of dog. The experienced will always need the inexperienced to train up and prolong their passions until we walk through the dimensional wall into eternity.


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        I think about the fact that my boyfriend doesn't care about my feelings and he doesn't want to try shit for me.
        I don't go out, my boyfriend doesn't want to go out with me, every day is like one.
        I can't remember the last time I went for a walk outside besides going to the store.
        Probably about 2-3 months ago, I feel like I'm depressed.
        I constantly have suicidal thoughts from this life.


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          think about drone