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    I've been writing poetry for a long time, but usually, I don't give my texts to anyone to read. I recently started attending guitar lessons and one of my poems became my first song. It doesn't sound very cool yet, but I'm getting better at this every day. Are there any else people who write lyrics and music? Perhaps we could discuss not only rhymes but guitar riffs as well?

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      I want to talk to you about this; I hope you will answer me. I have been writing poetry for a long time, which is my favorite hobby. Often I even publish them and read my works in public. However, I have always wanted my poems to become lines from songs, but I have never been able to play any instrument. A month ago, my friend went to study in another country and left me his guitar for me to fulfill my dream, so I started studying guitar hard. I even ordered myself all the necessities on to play with maximum comfort. So I think it would be cool if we get in touch with you and help each other
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