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  • Haiiiii


    • Closing in on 4 weeks unemployed, boy is it getting frustrating. I think I've submitted close to 25 applications now.

      My daughter had strabismus correction surgery this last week. She did great, even though having to let them take her back to the OR and seeing her very upset and confused while the anesthesia was wearing off was so hard. Everything looks good now though, we don't have to do any additional patching to help correct the eye crossing, and her glasses are just as needed now if we notice any crossing or drifting.


      • Coming up on 2 months unemployed. Had 2 in-person interviews, got offered and accepted a job, but then got a call last week for the offer I accepted that the training class that was supposed to start on May 1 is now delayed/postponed, with no firm date as to when it'll be rescheduled.

        I did get approved for unemployment benefits, so I have a little bit of money coming in, but it's still super tough and very demoralizing.