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  • So familier

    I look at this and it inspired something I fail to put into words it feels so true and so close to me to the life I lead no matter what angle I look at it it just makes me think and makes me feel
    it makes me remember and makes me feel something like i'll do my best to describe it

    I prompt the ever curious eyes of fate
    look at the world i used to always hate
    frozen in time the rain pure and loved
    let no one fall away and tossed or shoved
    to see the glory of a place distand but close
    and to feel my own heart compleatly froze

    to see and feel my own life play start breathe
    then to all my suprise there a voidance of death
    its a life with a fear of a loss a place with a gain
    and theres a reason to live and fearing all pain
    there the hurt that comes from repopened scars
    then emotion for a moment escpaes there iron bars

    By: DepressedPoet

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    just a convo over here


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      Yes, you're right!