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  • Let me explain

    Trust me,!
    I used to be so friendly just like you
    I used to love,
    I used to care,
    I used to be happy,
    Then something happened.
    It still affects me even today.
    The first person I started hating was myself.
    I stopped loving myself.
    The incident left me with no choice but to reject myself
    I lost the ability to believe or trust in myself
    I have tried to fight all this,
    But i failed.
    Day and night i cried because it was hurting me.
    I even tried to free myself by taking my own life
    I couldn't do it, i failed.!
    That left me with no choice but to accept my new way of living
    My new way of seeing things.
    My heart became so weak
    It rejected love
    It was now impossible for me to love someone
    I never wanted or needed anyone to be by my side.
    Loneliness became my favourite feeling.
    Let me explain further.!