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  • Looking for suggestions.

    Hi guys, I need some suggestions. I have a 12-year-old son. He is very active in his studies and sports. I have never heard any negative reviews about him from his teachers. Recently, I'm getting calls from his teachers and saying he is not concentrating on his studies or in any school activities. He is always spending time alone and not mingling with friends. I'm worried about him. So, my sister suggested taking him to this mental health center in Chicago. Does anyone know about this place? Please share your views. Thank you.

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    "Everything Else" is sort of vague on what should be posted here - on a site dedicated to Rhymes, Poetry, Lyrics, and such. I am taking your posting at face value that it is not just a ploy to promote the Health Center in Chicago. With remote learning - we have a granddaughter who is having a terrible time with it - in a lot of ways. So, I am interested in replies to your posting.

    I would also like to know what brought you to the "Zone" to make this posting?