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Avoiding insomnia 

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  • Avoiding insomnia 

    Because of preparing for protecting diploma and working I’ve got insomnia that bothers me to relax. Therefore, can you share with me an effective product that could help to relax?

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    I have suffered from insomnia for 5+ years, but have just begun to sleep with a weighted blanket on me. It has greatly helped me fall asleep, stay asleep and sleep more peacefully.

    It holds the sleeper down and very still, like when a parent holds their baby as the baby falls asleep. This stifles involuntary or even voluntary movements. I think psychologically it also tells the brain to be still, as well as the body.

    They come in various weights. At first, the one I have was a bit too heavy, actually. When I put it entirely on top of me, I felt suffocated. So I just put half of it over me, or just a diagonal edge of it, and it worked great.

    Within a few days, I had adjusted to it and now (usually) sleep well with the entire blanket on me.

    I feel so much clearer headed, less irritated, forgetful and groggy.


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      I think you should turn off all gadgets two hours before you go to sleep, and then it will be easier to fall asleep.