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How to know if something rhymes?

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  • How to know if something rhymes?

    Hello Rhyme Zone!

    English is my second language and I want to develop it, and my writing (poetry, lyrics, etc.). But the real problem for me currently is knowing whether or not something actually rhymes. To give an example. Of cause something like 'hitting and quitting' rhymes but sometimes I find it more tricky, now I'm a fan of hip hop as well and in a certain song called 'Hoody Season' Jordan is rhymed with scoring. Like so:
    Polo hoody and the Jordan hoody
    Got it down town cocaine scoring hoody
    And I don't really hear it, so to get to the point is there any way to know for certain if something rhymes, and what are the rules? or do you just go by the sound of it and hope for the best?

    Peace and thanks in advance!

    Kind Regards The Novice

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    You can try this page to see if there are any trouble with your rhymes friend! Frequently use that page myself, really recommend, never dissapoints me.


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      This is beneficial for parents and teachers I think. winkle Twinkle Little Star is a really famous nursery rhyme for kids. It helps younger kids how language sculptures and building memory skills. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is easy to learn.
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        This helps also.

        But I recommend using the "Find rhymes (advanced)" option. To me, it's better.