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What does “Everything Else” mean to you?

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  • What does “Everything Else” mean to you?

    Recently, I was asked to become one of the Moderators for this excellent site, which some just term as the “Zone” or the “Forum.” I don’t write Poetry rather just Simple Rhymes. I have never posted under the “Everything Else” category much less read the posts. However, now I am having trouble grasping just what belongs under this category? I’m almost 75 and have learned to not be ashamed if I don’t know something. There are a lot of postings , comments, and views here. So I ask all of you - what should, or should not, be topics covered here? Should topics be loosely related to the overall theme of The RhymeZone or should that matter? I am "sincerely" interested in your comments!!!
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    to me really whatever's on my mind or looking at what's on others