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How can I recover my SBCglobal account

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  • How can I recover my SBCglobal account

    SBCglobal is a gigantic organization whose webmail service is used by many people across the globe. This service can be used for both personal and professional work and used regularly. Every SBCglobal account is locked by a password. In this situation, you need to finish the Sbcglobal Account Recovery to complete the process.
    How to recover the SBCglobal account?
    When it comes to recovering the SBCglobal account, we have to use the AT&T platform. This is because SBCglobal has merged with AT&T.
    Temporary Password
    Recover your account by using the temporary password method with these Steps.
    • First, launch a browser on your device and visit the AT&T website.
    • From the homepage, navigate to the account sign-in section.
    • Here, you require to click on Forgot Password to start your Sbcglobal Account Recovery process.
    • Now, enter the user ID and last name linked to the SBCglobal account.
    • Moving ahead, you need to select the method to get the temporary password. Here, you will get recovery Email and phone number.
    • Now, you will obtain a temporary password as a text or email. Type that into the required box.
    • To complete Sbcglobal Account Recovery, enter the new password of SBCglobal account twice.
    Security Question
    In this method, the following steps can be employed.
    • Firstly, go to the AT&T account login page by any browser.
    • In the sign-in section, select Forgot Password and enter the required credentials.
    • Choose Security Questions as your recovery method and move to the next step.
    • Now, you will get the security questions linked to your SBCglobal account.
    • Here, you need to answer them correctly. Now, change SBCglobal account password by typing a new one. Now, confirm it..
    How to change the SBCglobal account?
    Many users prefer changing the SBCglobal account after recovering it. You can do this with these steps.
    • Firstly, log in to the SBCglobal account with current email ID and password.
    • Now, navigate to the Settings of the SBCglobal email and select General Settings.
    • Choose the desired option which you want to modify and select it to change SBCglobal account.
    • For password, select change password and enter the existing password followed by new password.
    • You can also use the account manager section to modify the sender information of SBCglobal account.

    Contact the SBCglobal customer service to get assistance in the Change Sbcglobal Account process.