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What to do when you have cancer?

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  • What to do when you have cancer?

    Lung cancer is a group of malignant tumors that arise from the cells that line the bronchi or lungs. The right lung is usually affected more often than the left, and the upper lobes more often than the lower. It often takes many years for this cancer to develop. Lung oncology is often not limited to one organ (in this case, the lungs), the tumor can metastasize to other parts of the body. More details here

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    To make informed decisions, you will need to understand your cancer treatment options, which could include:
    1. Surgery (a major or minor operation to remove cancer)
    2. Chemotherapy (using anticancer medication that acts throughout the body)
    3. Radiation therapy (using high-energy beams or implants to kill cancer cells)
    Hope that helps.
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      Thanks for sharing this much knowledge. This post taught us in a very good manner. I am really happy to read this.


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        If you are diagnosed with cancer, the first things you should do

        Find the best doctor for your disease
        Design a healing plan
        Focus on lifestyle changes
        Create a support system
        Live! Don’t wait for permission to live. Just because you have cancer does not mean that your life is over


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          It is really hard question...I think it is sad situation, but I am sure that there is a way out of every situation. Just don't despair. I know it cannot be compared, but I am also undergoing serious treatment now. I treat my skin with Isotretinoin . It was sad, when I had this problem. But I think the same reaction would have been the case with cancer. I would be upset, but I sent all my strength to treat the disease
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            It is terrible situation I think