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How can I get an idea about essay?

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  • How can I get an idea about essay?

    What is an essay? What are the methods of essay writing? Is there any one to help me? Writing essay is very simple, only when you know the step by step approach that allows for crafting a brilliant essay paper. To help you out, the cheap dissertation writing service have created a list of things you should do before, while and after crafting the essay. These types of essay paper provide more information to the reader on how something is done.

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    There are so many internet resources where you can find out how to write good essay


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      i like essay


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        An essay is a short formal piece of writing dealing with a single subject. When you write an essay you are making a case for the validity of a particular point of view, analysis, interpretation, or set of facts or procedures.


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          The tricks to successful essay writing are good brainstorming, sticking to the thesis, and staying relaxed.


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            it is a very hard question lol


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              I answered that same question a few months ago, and it took me 4 versions before I settled with a topic I was comfortable with. I ended up writing about writing. My 4th and final version worked because I realized, before typing it up, that I had gotten the process backwards.

              It doesn’t matter what you write about. Really, it doesn’t. I remember reading about a college essay, whose author was interviewed on television, that dealt not with the trials of growing up with a single parent, or losing a body part to cancer, or shaking hands with the president, but rather with trying free samples at Costco. My favorite essay that I’ve read detailed its author’s daily commute to his high school.

              What really matters is your central theme. What do you want admissions officers to know about you, as a person? Are you someone who perseveres through thick and thin? Are you exceptionally compassionate? Do you revel in trying new things?

              When I first began to work on my essay, I made a list. On this list I wrote, “Art,” “Travel,” “Taiwan,” “Writing,” “Martial arts,” and so on. I tried writing about the first three, but something was missing in all of my initial drafts. The writing itself was decent enough—in fact, I went a little overboard with special effects. My problem was I didn’t have a theme. I had no idea what I was trying to say about myself, as a person. So what if I loved painting? So what if I traveled to all these places, and grew up in a foreign country? Anybody else could’ve taken my place, and it would have made no difference to the reader.

              Here’s my advice: don’t think about the literal answer to the question yet. Instead, do some self-reflection and decide on a protruding aspect of your character that you believe is crucial to understanding you. The topic you choose to write about will come to you naturally.

              Good luck!


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                You can find a lot of tips for successful essay writing on the net.

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                  You could ask a forum/ it just kinda comes to me