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  • Explore the ways to recover Google Account

    Methods for recovering Google account

    Google account is one of the most popular online services which can be employed to gain full access to other services provided by Google and contain a lot of vital information about the user. Thus, Google account protect itself by a password which requires any user to verify the identity to gain access to its account and if you forget or lost it, then you need to recover it.

    How to recover Google Account with a phone number?

    Recovery phone number is a widely used method to complete the recovery of the Google account conveniently and flawlessly.

    You can complete the Google account recovery by making use of the phone number with the following process.
    • Launch the website of Google account from any browser.
    • Enter the Email ID or Phone Number in the required web-field.
    • Launch the recovery process.
    • To complete the recovery process, choose the phone number as the method of recovery.
    • Select the text or voice call option to receive the recovery code on that number.
    • Enter that temporary code to verify your identity.
    • Create a new password for the account and confirm by re-entering it.
    How to recover Google Account with an email address?

    It is also possible for recovering the Google account by making use of the email ID to validate the identity.

    You need to follow this process to complete the recovery of the Google account.
    • Open any web browser and visit the website of Google Account.
    • In the login section, enter the email ID or phone number connected with the account.
    • Start Forgot Password to start the recovery process.
    • Select the alternate email ID as the recovery method of the account.
    • Receive the verification code on the alternate email address.
    • Enter that code in the required web-field.
    • create a new password and enter that password again to give confirmation.
    How to recover Google Account with security question(s)?

    You can also recover the Google account by using the security questions to verify the ownership of the account with the following process.
    • Using any browser, go to the website of Google account.
    • Enter the phone number or email ID.
    • Click Forgot Password option.
    • Select the security questions method.
    • Answer the secret questions correctly.
    • Create a new password and give confirmation.
    How to recover Google Account with a trusted device?

    If you are not able to access the recovery options, then you opt for recovering the Google account by using a trusted device with this process.
    • Visit the Google account website.
    • Enter the username
    • Click on forgot password.
    • Choose a trusted device to recover the Google account.
    • Confirm the notification received on the trusted device.
    • Create a new password and confirm it.
    Contact the customer support of Google to gain the required assistance for the Google account recovery process

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    If you can't log in to your Google account, open the "Forgot your password?" link below the field. Then, depending on your account settings, you will be offered the available options. If you've changed it at least once before, the first thing the system will ask you to do is to enter any of them. If you successfully log in, you will be prompted to set a new password. This method will be useful only in case of urgent password change, which the user doesn't remember. In other cases, click "Other way." You can also specify any temp sms uk to avoid clogging your number with notifications. This is to confirm the account. I always do this because I have a lot of accounts, and there aren't enough phones.
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