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Tips for Managing Remote Teams Through Videoconferencing

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  • Tips for Managing Remote Teams Through Videoconferencing

    Managing remote employees is a tricky business and mastering this art is always essential. Every year, the world goes through some cultural changes, and every new trend requires new skills and an understanding of people’s psychology. This year, the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis has made the manager’s work difficult as employees went out of reach, and managers are in a state of chaos. Therefore, the world is already adapting to the new "work from home" culture. The first thing every company can do is to have a local policy that suits its culture.
    The best video conferencing tips to manage the work from home team

    Tip 1: Track working hours, attendance sheets and other basic indicators to increase productivity
    We have built a "work from home" system to ensure that your team members are working on current tasks. With the help of the EmpFly work-from-home system, you can view the projects you are working on in real-time, the websites your team members are visiting, the applications they are using, and even the working time and rest time spent.
    Tip 2: Host team meetings (voice or video)
    In addition to personal conversations and group-based discussions, priority is given to hosting regular audio and/or video meetings for the team.
    Tip 3: Don't micromanage
    If you use a micro-management approach, you must stop because you can no longer use it with remote teams. Work from home teams have different commitments like some may start a day earlier, and some may work late at night. Therefore, focusing on their activities will no longer be an effective way to manage them. The actual realization will focus more on results and overall productivity than micromanagement. As long as the results of your remote team are acceptable, micromanagement is not necessary.
    Tip 4: Don't forget, a simple touch is important
    Those who work hard for greater achievement, send them gift cards, rewards or handwritten notes in the mail and always enclose handwritten notes. During the holidays, handwritten holiday cards are distributed to everyone. In a distributed environment, simple touches are often overlooked, but if you want someone to appreciate them, please try to appreciate them.
    Tip 5: Eliminate distractions:
    In the past few months, children, pets, and lawn maintenance have derailed many virtual conversations and meetings. Model a non-disruptive video conference for your working from the home team and ask them to do the same.

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    Tips for Managing Remote Teams Through Videoconferencing :-
    Turn your camera on:
    Collaborate in real time
    Get everyone familiar
    Allow time for chitchat:
    Hit the record button:
    One person at a time
    Eliminate distractions
    Distribute information beforehand:
    tay secure:

    Hope this information is helpful to you.
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